• Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro H

Xiaomi has released the Pro H Air Purifier in China.This model is developed from the Air Purifier Pro released in 2016. The one that has  98.56% Formaldehyde removal within 1 hour. Air purification also has a high efficiency HEPA filter that filters harmful substances such as pollen Bacteria in the indoor air. The H13 HEPA filter can filter 99um 99.99% particles, absorb harmful gases or odors such as Formaldehyde and Toluene.


Able to use with a large room up to 72 square meters.

Produce fresh air 600 cubic meters / hour

Larger filter that lasts up to 14 months

360 degree air filter with 3 filters: 1.Cloth Primary Filter 2.HEPA H13 Filter 3.Activated Carbon Filter that can filter up to 99.99% PM 2.5 microns and 99.97% PM 0.3 microns

Able to eliminate dust mites, germs and bacteria

Able to filter harmful gases Formaldehyde (TVOC) transforms into fresh air at 220m3 / hour

New, OLED touch screen for changing operating modes

Use Auto / Sleep / Favorite mode. And can also adjust the air suction to 3 levels

Kids Lock mode to prevent children from pressing the device.

New Voice commands Mi AI (Chinese) and using the Mi Home app (Thai)

The machine operates at a low volume, only 34.1 dB (A).

New Brushless DC motor without batteries with a rotating centrifugal impeller that works together efficiently

Low power consumption and save more energy which consume maximum electricity consumption is only 70 watts.

Input AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz (can be used worldwide)

Size (Height x Width x Length): 73.8x31x31 cm.

Lightweight 9.6 kg (including filter)

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Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro H

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